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Teaching This Week’s LessonShare ExperiencesObjective The children will recognize how they change and grow.Gathering Activity When everyone is present, play this name game. Roll the ball to a child, saying, “I roll the ball to _____, and he rolls it back to me.”Play and sing the song “Gather Together” (CD-2, #1) to prepare for the Gathering Prayer.Gathering Prayer Invite the children to stand as you pray: “Dear Jesus, each day my body grows a little bigger and a little stronger. Help me to grow each day in loving you and in loving others.” The children respond, “Amen.”Story l Molly Learns to Ride a Bike Gather the children in the listening area. Ask: How do you know your body is growing? Getting taller, clothes don’t fit, shoes too tight, can reach things. Be sure each child has a chance to respond. Help them understand that their minds are growing also—learning more about the world, recognizing letters and their names, learning to count. Tell the following story:Every day, Molly asked her dad, “When will I be big enough to ridea bicycle?” Every day, her dad answered, “When your legs are long enough to reach the pedals.” Once a week, Molly’s dad measuredher on the chart behind the kitchen door. Molly could tell she was growing. Her mom had to buy new shoes to fit her growing feet. Molly could get a drink at the park without anyone lifting her up. Best of all, she could run and play longer without getting tired. Molly hoped that soon she would get a bicycle to ride.One day, Molly’s dad came home early from work. He asked Molly to come for a ride in the car with him. Molly was surprised when they stopped in front of the bike shop. “Molly, you’re big enough for your own bicycle,” said Dad. Molly was so excited! The store helper measured her. He found a pretty blue bike that was just the right size. Dad helped Molly learn how to ride. In a few weeks, Molly could ride her bike all around the playground.Discuss the story. Ask: What are the signs Molly was getting big enough for a bicycle? How many of you have bicycles or are hoping you will be big enough to ride one soon?Activity l Creative Drama Invite the children to stand and spread out. Have them make believe that they each have a new bicycle, pretending to take it out of the garage, get on it,and ride around the classroom. Tell them they’re such good riders that no one bumps into anyone or anything. At your signal, all the bikes come home and into the garage.TG1-14Discover Gospel and DoctrineObjective The children will identify Jesus’ story about a vineyard as a story about God’s love for us.Sing “Two Little Ears” (CD-1, #4). Add simple gestures. Distribute Seeds after the Gospel storytelling.Sunday Gospel l The Beautiful Vineyard (page 1) Read the following Gospel story to the children or tell it in your own words:Jesus grew up in the country where people grew wheat to make bread and grapes to make wine. They had goats so they could drink milk and make cheese. One day when Jesus was teaching people, he told them a story about someone who owned a big vineyard.“Once there was a landowner who planted some little grapevines. He dug the big rocks out of the soil and put them all around his field to keep his grapevines safe. He hired someone to shoo away people and animals so they wouldn’t step on the vines. The rain and sun made the vines grow. When the grapes were ripe, everyone enjoyed eating them and drinking the wine made from them.”Jesus’ friends liked this story. They knew God took care of them just as the landowner took care of the vines.Invite the children to retell the story. Ask: What did the landowner do to help the vines grow? He built a wall to keep them safe from people and animals. What did God do to help the vines grow? Rain, sun, fertile soil.Distribute Seeds. Invite the children to tell you about the cover illustration. A man helps a child reach for an apple; vines and grapes; pumpkins grow. Ask: Can you list all the things that are growing in the picture, including the children? Tell the children that in the same way that God takes care of the vineyard, God takes care of all the living things in our world. God also takes good care of us and helps us grow.Read the cover sentence. Tell the children that Jesus, who is God’s Son, loves us and wants us to grow and get strong.Activity l Stretching Invite the children to curl up like seeds in the ground. Play the song“Everything’s Growing”(CD-1, #16). The children slowly uncurl and grow up tall, stretching and stretching. If there’s time, one child can be the sun moving around the plants; other children can be the rain.Distribute the children’s What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks.Jesus wants us to grow.PFLAUM GOSPEL WEEKLIES Faith Formation ProgramOctober 8, 201727th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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