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UNIT 1 OVERVIEW: We Are the ChurchLife in ChristChristian PrayerLearning about Jesus togetherSinging our prayerWe are free to chooseSinging our prayerWe change and growThanking our CreatorMarriage and Eucharist celebrate God’s loveSunday Mass; Blessing Before MealsCare for Creation praises GodPrayer of praiseWe need rules; Golden RuleFamily prayerFollowers of Jesus love and help othersPraying to saints; Guardian Angel PrayerAlways be ready for GodPrayer of thanksOur new teaching guides systematically link the Scripture and Catholic doctrine contained in each lesson. It will now be clearer to you when in the lesson to incorporate the What the Church Believes and Teaches handbooks. The handbook pages underscore and expand the doctrinal content of the Seeds lessons, helping the children to appreciate the importance and beauty of being Catholic.Overview of Unit 1In this first unit of Seeds, the children celebrate the many communities of which they are part—families, preschool or day care, Church, neighborhood, friends. They hear the stories of saints and practice different ways to respond to God in prayer.The Seeds program believes that Jesus calls us to live in the spirit of joy, peace, and love. At ages three and four, children need to celebrate that they are basically good and that all God has created is good. When children appreciate God’s gifts and are happy with themselves and others, they live the Gospels and are living examples of God’s presence in the world.Make every effort to involve parents in their children’s exploration of the mysteries of our Christian faith. Each week, Seeds provides Family Corner, a feature that suggests activities parents can do with their children to extend the Seeds lesson into the home.What’s New for 2017-18Over the last year, we met with teachers, catechists, and program directors who use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies with their children. We asked questions, we listened, and we hope that the changes we’ve made will help you bring the Gospel to your children in even more meaningful and lasting ways.We expanded the lesson plans to help you pace the Weeklies for how you use them, whether your class meets every day or every week. We’ve worked with teachersto develop Curriculum Connections that tie the Weekliesto other learning areas, including language arts, social studies, math, and science. The new Catholic Identity Projects can be used to connect the children in your school or parish to the larger Church.We’ve also recently launched GROW—Gospel Resources of the Week—a new blog that brings together reflections on the Sunday Gospels, saints, feasts, prayers, videolinks, and free printables in one convenient spot. Find itat Let us know how we’re doing—by either commenting onthe GROW blog or emailing us at GROW CDsPFLAUM Gospel Resources of the WeekblogThe Seeds music two-CD set is available This set contains new songsby John Burland that correlate to the seasons of the liturgical year. The songs are easy for the children to learn through listening and singing along. This music can also be downloaded at giamusic. com/PGW.Early Start LessonsIf your program begins before our September 24th lesson, choose one of these introductory lessons to use with your group of children. The lessons are designed to build readiness for using Seeds. Find them at free at-home activities, visit numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.Bayard supports Pope Francis’s call to care for our common home. Please recycle this teaching guide properly. Thank you. Unit 1: We Are the Church l TG1-3The NEW Gospel WeekliesMUSIC FOR THE LITURGICAL YEARSongs for Preschool

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