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The Story of Two SonsPeople in Jesus’ country planted vineyards so they could have grapes for food and wine. Many helpers were needed to take care of the vines and harvest the grapes.1. 2.3.The first son changed his mind and helped.4.But the second son didn‛t go to help.Why did the  rst son change his mind?Why did the second son say yes and then not go? Which son did what the father asked?Question of the WeekWhat makes you say no instead of yes when you are asked to do something?Family PrayerJesus, help us to hear what you want us to know and to say yes to you.Pregunta de la semana¿Qué te hace decir no en lugar de sí cuando te piden hacer algo?Oración en familiaJesús, ayúdanos a escuchar lo que quieres que sepamos y a decirte sí.

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