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Praise and CelebrateHoly Days and Feast DaysThe Church has other holy days and feast days. A feast is a celebration. It is a time to remember.We honor people who followed Jesus. We call them saints. They loved God. They helped other people. They are very good friends of Jesus.Use the color code at the bottom of this page to finish the names of some holy days.January 1 — M Y is the Mother of God.November 1 — ALL S I S are all the friends of Jesus inHeaven.These are feast days. Use the color code to finish the names of the saints.January4—     I Z   B     H Setonwasamother and teacher.March 17 — P       I C K shared his faith in Jesus.and P   U   toldmany October 1 — _____ H _____ _____ _____ S _____ did everything with love.December 6 — _____ I C H O _____ _____ S helped poor people and children.A=E=L=N=R=T= 19June29—Ppeople about Jesus.

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