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UNIT 1 OVERVIEW: We Are the ChurchLife in ChristChristian PrayerLearning about Jesus togetherSinging our prayerChoosing loving actionsSign of the CrossCaring for CreationThanking God for CreationCelebrating friendshipLoving and unloving actionsLord’s PrayerBaptized into Jesus’ familyCreating a prayer bookThanking God for peopleFollowers of Jesus love and help othersPraying to saints; Hail MaryMaking choicesPrayers of petition; Sign of the CrossOverview of Unit 1     What’s New for 2017-18In this unit of Promise, the children celebrate belonging to the Christian community. The first lesson gives them the opportunity to share what their church family is like. Through playing a board game in the second lesson, they recognize that Jesus’ community includes anyone who wishes to follow him.Lessons Three, Four, and Five get to the core of Christian identity: our likeness to Jesus in Baptism, our being nourished by him in the Eucharist, and our talking to God in prayer—privately and as a community of faith. The children’s response to this inclusive love is to practice following the two great rules Jesus gave us: love God and love your neighbor (Lesson Six). They will learn as much about the Christian practice of love from how we treat them as from the lesson itself. In Lessons Seven and Eight, the children learn that loving God means serving others and that Jesus wants them to make loving choices.Be sure to study this teaching guide each week and make the story and the Gospel your own. This preparation is the key to a successful Promise lesson.Make every effort to involve parents in their children’s exploration of the mysteries of our Christian faith. Each week, Promise provides Family Corner, a feature that suggests activities parents can do with their children to extend the Promise lesson into the home.Over the last year, we met with teachers, catechists, and program directors who use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies with their children. We asked questions, we listened, and we hope that the changes we’ve made will help you bring the Gospel to your children in even more meaningful, lasting ways.We expanded the lesson plans to help you pace the Weeklies for how you use them, whether your class meets every day or every week. We’ve worked with teachersto develop Curriculum Connections that tie the Weekliesto other learning areas, including language arts, social studies, math, and science. The new Catholic Identity Projects can be used to connect the children in your school or parish to the larger Church.We’ve also recently launched GROW—Gospel Resources of the Week—a new blog that brings together reflections on the Sunday Gospels, saints, feasts, prayers, videolinks, and free printables in one convenient spot. Find itat Let us know how we’re doing—by either commenting onthe GROW blog or emailing us at GROW CDsPFLAUM Gospel Resources of the WeekblogThe Promise/Good News music two-CD setis available at This setcontains new songs by John Burland that correlate to the seasons of the liturgical year. The songs are easy for the children to learn through listening and singing along. This music can also be downloaded at Start LessonsIf your program begins before our September 24th lesson, choose one of these introductory lessons to use with your group of children. The lessons are designed to build readiness for using Promise. Find them at free at-home activities, visit numbers in parentheses refer to sections in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.Bayard supports Pope Francis’s call to care for our common home. Please recycle this teaching guide properly. Thank you. Unit 1: We Are the Church l TG1-3The NEW Gospel WeekliesMUSIC FOR THE LITURGICAL YEARSongs for Grades K-3

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