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Connecting GOSPEL and DOCTRINEThe Eighth CommandmentIn the Gospel, Jesus asks everyone to be honest. “You shall not bear false witness” is the eighth of the Ten Commandments. To be a witness is to know something and tell others about it. If you see an accident happen,you are a witness. You might have to tell a police officer what you saw. To bear falsewitness means to tell a lie.Kinds of Lies1. Lies that get you out of trouble2. Lies about other people3. Lies that make you seem importantYou Shall Not LieGo to page 30 of your Catechism handbook to learn about sin and virtues.Read below some lies that children might tell. Circle the number that tells what kind of lie it is.123 123123 123123 123123 123Catholic Faith WordPharisees A group of teachersin Jesus’ time. Pharisees loved the laws of God and taught them to people in the villages.You tell kids in your class a lie about someone’s parents.You start a rumor that Ryan cheated on the math test.You get home late because you were playing. You say your teacher kept the whole class after school.You say you have been to Disney World three times, and you have only been there once.You broke a chair by jumping on it, but you tell your mom you don’t know what happened.You tell kids your dad knows Kate Middleton. You don’t tellthem it’s Kate Middleton an accountant, not Prince William’s wife.When your team loses, you say the other team cheated.You tell your dad you finished your homework, but you didn’t.Bayard supports Pope Francis’s call to care for our common home. Please share your copy of GOOD NEWS with a friend or recycle it properly. Thank you.Questionof the WeekHow do you show God that you belong to him?FamilyPrayerJesus, help us to see you in everyone we meet!

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