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The Friend Decision“R -i-n-g-g-g!” Kevin heard his cell phone ring. He picked it up.“Hi, it’s Josh,” said a voice. “Let’s take our bikesout to the path we made in the woods behind school. I can meet you there.”“Hey, Josh,” Kevin replied. “You know what? Something is wrong with my bike. Anyway, I just want to stay home and play games.”“Come on,” said Josh. “We haven’t been there since last Saturday.” “Not today,” Kevin said. “I justdon’t want to. I’ll see you later, okay?” Kevin ended the call and rolled hiseyes. “Josh calls almost every day,” he said to his friend Max from next door. “He always wants me to do something with him.”“What’s wrong with your bike?” Max asked.“Nothing,” said Kevin. “I just made that up.”“Then let’s go,” said Max, switching off the TV and grabbing his bike helmet.Kevin and Max rode to schooland followed the sidewalk to the playground in the back. Kevin took off over the grass and pedaled hard. “Follow me!” he yelled to Max. The boys flew over the humps in the path, spitting dirt and dodging trees.“Did you and Josh make this?” Max shouted. “It’s so cool!”Kevin squealed to a stop where a tree branch had fallen across the path. A bike was lying on the ground. Josh was standing bythe bike.“Hi, Kevin,” Josh said. “I thought you wanted to stay home.”What is thChoice 1Choice 2KevinKevinGOOD NEWS copyright © 2017 by P aum Publishing Group, a divi

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