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Praise and CelebratePenance and ReconciliationPenance is the sacrament that celebrates God’s loving forgiveness. It is the way we return to God when we have sinned. Reconciliation means “making things right again.” The sacrament:• Repairs your friendship with Jesus and the Church• Takes away the punishment sin deserves• Restores peace to your conscience• Gives you grace to fight against sin in the futureIn the sacrament, a sinner takes three actions.1. Contrition: You must be sorry for your sins.2. Confession: You confess, or admit, your sins to a priest. The priest takes the place of Jesus.3. Penance: You do something good to show that you want to make up for the wrong you have done.The priest says the prayer ofabsolution. He forgives your sins in the name of Jesus Christ.Photo credit: Mike Doyle/Bayard, Inc.23

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