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Follow JesusSinWhen we choose, knowingly and willingly, to do what is wrong, we sin. Sin is disobeying God. Some choices are always sinful because they go against God’s Law.Mortal sin is a very serious offense against God. It destroys God’s life within us. To restore our relationship with God, mortal sins must be confessed to a priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.Venial sin is a lesser offense against God. Because venial sin does not break our relationship with God, confession of venial sin is not required. But knowing that venial sins can become bad habits, the Church recommends that venial sins be confessed.Sin doesn’t make very much sense. It hurts our friendship withGod, it hurts us, and it hurts others. Sabrina and Sam’s relationshipwill suffer because of what she did. What do you think Sabrina should do to make it better?VirtuesOn the other hand, when you choose to do what is right over and over again, it can become a good habit. When a good thing becomes a habit, it is a virtue. Virtue is being strong when it comes to being good. Virtues make you strong against doing what is wrong and sinful.Faith, hope, and charity are Theological Virtues. They help us live in friendship with the Holy Trinity. They help us to believe in God, to hope in God, and to love God for his own sake.Photo Credit: Mike Doyle/Bayard, Inc.30

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