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Praise and CelebrateEucharistThe word Eucharist means “thanks- giving.” Gathering with your church family for the Eucharist is a lotlike gathering with your familyfor Thanksgiving. You remember important stories, give thanks, and share a nourishing meal.The Eucharist is the heart of the Church’s life. Jesus offeredThe MassThe prayers and actions of the Mass make up one great prayer, one awesome act of worship. The Mass has two main parts.I. The Liturgy of the Word• We listen to the Word of God from Scripture, or the Bible.• We say the Creed together. Remember, the Creed isthe statement of what the Church believes and teaches.II. The Liturgy of the Eucharist• We offer bread and wine. The bread is made from wheat and the wine is made from grapes.• We thank God for all of his blessings, especially the gift of Jesus, his Son.the sacrifice of his life once onthe Cross. When we celebrate the Eucharist, he pours out the graces of salvation over and over again. The sacrifice of the Mass is offered for the whole Church, the living and the dead. Jesus’ Death on the Cross makes up for our sins. It gives us every kind of goodness and blessing.• The priest consecrates the bread and wine. With the blessing of the Holy Spirit, the priest says the words of Jesus at the Last Supper.“For this is my Body, which will be given up for you.”“For this is the chalice of my Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant, which will be poured out for you and for many.”The bread and wine truly become the Body and Blood of Christ.• We receive Jesus in Holy Communion. We welcome Jesus into our body and soul. Jesus is so close to us. Jesus is so happy to be with us.22

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