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Early Start Lesson 2 We Gather TogetherBible Basics and Building CommunityOverviewThese online Early Start lessons are a good way to ease young teens into your faith formation program. The objectives of the lesson are threefold:• To help the young people get to know and feel comfortable with one another and with you;• To get the young people comfortable with the Bible and especially with the Gospels as the center of their weekly lessons;• To foster a sense of belonging to the group as a faith community.Share ExperiencesRitual Space: Set up a prayer space in anarea where the young people can sit or stand comfortably in a circle. Cover a small table with a nice cloth, and add several or all of these items:a Bible, a candle, and/or objects from nature that complement the lesson or the liturgical season, such as autumn leaves, holly and evergreens, or spring flowers. After the first session, turn over this preparation to the young people.Welcome and Opening Prayer: Welcome the young people individually as they arrive. Distribute nametags and have the young people write on their nametags the name they wish to be called. They will stick the nametag to their clothing. Invite them to gather in the prayer space. Light a candle. Offera spontaneous prayer asking God’s blessing on the young people and your meeting today. Pray that you all may grow in grace and wisdom throughout the year. Conclude by playing “Will You Come and Follow Me—The Summons” from the Venture/ Visions Music CD (CD-2, #9).Getting Acquainted —This or That? Gather the young people in a circle in an open area. Join the circle yourself. Explain how This or That works.The idea is for a young person to make choices spontaneously to give the others a glimpse into his or her personality. Ask for a volunteer to be the firstMaterialsl Copies of the “Discovery Bingo” activity page l Nametags, pens or pencilsl Bibles, plus a larger Bible to show to the class l Highlighter pensl Strips of paper and a basketl Venture/Visions Music CD and CD playerPrepare strips of papers with forced choices touse in the This or That game. Fold the strips and place them in a box or basket. Try to have two strips for each young person. Use all or some of the suggestions below, or create other choices that you feel will engage your students.l Coke or Pepsil Tacos or burritosl Rock or countryl Summer or winterl Oranges or applesl Basketball or footballl Paper or plasticl Math or Englishl Sci-fi or historical fiction l Navy blue or baby blue l Early bird or night owll Jeans or khakisl Sausage or pepperonil Dogs or catsl Christmas or 4th of JulyEarly Start 2: We Gather Together©2018PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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