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Early Start Lesson 1We Meet Jesus in the GospelsIntroduction to the GospelsOverviewIn their Visions lessons throughout the year, the young people will meet Jesus in the Sunday Gospels. This online Early Start lesson increases their familiarity with the Bible in general and the Gospels in particular.Share ExperiencesGreeting and Prayer: Greet the young people warmly. Pass out the nametags if they are still learning their classmates’ names. Gather in your prayer space and light a candle. Begin with the song “We Are Called” from the Venture/Visions CD (CD-2, #12).Activity: Bible Bingo If you used the “We Gather Together” activity page in Early Start Lesson #2, remind the young people of the review of the Bible in that lesson. Distribute copies of “Bible Bingo” and markers. Explain the rules of the game. You will ask a question about the Bible and the young people will find an answer on the bingo card and put an X on it with their marker. Or you will read a statement with a missing word or phrase. The young people will find the missing word or phrase on the card and put an X on it. When they have marked five squares in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, they can call out“Bible Bingo!”The four corners do not count.Ask everyone to look at their “Bible Bingo” card and find the squares that have the same words. There are two Old Testament and New Testament squares. There are three True squares. Thesame answer may be correct for two different questions. However, players may only mark one square per question and they may not change an answer after it has been X-ed out. Tell the class there are 25 questions. Ask the questions in anyMaterialsl Copies of the”Bible Bingo” activity page l Markersl Bibles and a candle for your prayer space l Venture/Visions Music CD and a CD playerorder. When you check someone’s bingo card, be sure to give the correct answers.Play two or three games.• True or False: The word Bible means “book.” (True)• The Bible is divided into two major sections called (Testaments).• The first book of the Bible is (Genesis).• The last book of the Bible is (Revelation).• The book that tells about the deliveranceof the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt is (Exodus).• How many Gospels are there? (4)• Which has more books, the Old Testament or the New Testament? (Old Testament)• Would you find the Book of Psalms in theOld Testament or in the New Testament? (Old Testament)• What does the word Gospel mean? (Good News)• The last Gospel to be written is the Gospel of (John)• Which Apostle wrote most of the letters in the New Testament? (Paul)• Which book gives an account of how the early Church grew? (Acts of the Apostles)• True or False: The word Scripture means “writings”? (True)Early Start 1: We Meet Jesus in the Gospels©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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