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Early Start Lesson 3 We Pray TogetherPrayer Connects Us to GodOverviewEach Visions lesson is rooted in the scriptural, communal, and liturgical prayer of the Church. A variety of prayer forms and prayer experiences are an integral part of every lesson. This lesson looks at how prayer establishes and deepens friendship with God. Young people will consider how their friendships begin and grow and how prayer establishes and deepens friendship with God.Share ExperiencesOpening Prayer: Greet the young people warmly and make it a point to use their names. Gather with them in the prayer space and light a candle. Begin with the following adaptation of Psalm 141. Pray the antiphon aloud and have the young people repeat it after you. Then read a verse, and all repeat the antiphon. Explain that an antiphon is a short phrase that is repeated before and after the verses of a psalm.Antiphon: May our prayer rise up like incense before you.Verse: To you I call, O God. Hurry to help me. Listen to my voice as I call upon you.Antiphon: May our prayer rise up like incense before you.Verse: Let my prayer rise like incense to you; the lifting of my hands like the evening sacrifice.Antiphon: May our prayer rise up like incense before you.Verse: My eyes are turned to you, O God; in you I take refuge.Antiphon: May our prayer rise up like incense before you.Explore the Dynamics of Friendship: Ask the young people to think of a good friend and then to recall their experience of meeting or getting to know that friend. Discuss the process ofMaterialsl Copies of the “My Prayer Profile” activity page l Biblel Paper, pens, or pencilsl Venture/Visions Music CD and a CD playerbeginning and growing in friendship. Point out the basic steps involved in developing friendship. Ask the young people to give examples of what happens in each step.• We learn the newcomer’s name.• We get to know each other.• We find out about each other.• We learn what he or she likes to do.As we get to know someone, conversation centers on important subjects. Friends wantto know and be known. We share more about ourselves—thoughts and feelings, hopesand dreams, problems and struggles. Asthe relationship grows, a shared silence is a comfortable experience. Because we learn to trust each other, friendship remains open to new experiences.Discover Gospel and DoctrineGospel Story: Usually this part of a Visions lesson is about the Sunday Gospel. Prepare your young people for this pattern in their lessonsby gathering in the Gospel area. Remind them of your time with the Bible, and especially with the New Testament. Ask the young people to remember times in Jesus’ life when he was with friends and talk about these times in pairs.Your students might remember Jesus had three special friends among the Apostles—Peter,Early Start 3: We Pray Together©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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