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Use this time instead to review the children’s understanding of the Gospels by playing this simple rhyme game.Gospel Rhymes Lead the children in this review of what they know about the Gospels as the center of their Venture lessons. Read each two- line section aloud and let the children fill in the final words.If you’re feeling sad, if you’ve got the blues, Just read the Gospels and find good (news).If you’re feeling confused and don’t know what to do, The Gospels are God’s Word, written for (you).When we read the Gospel, let me be clear, Jesus will be with us. Jesus will be (here).We come when Jesus calls us. We go where Jesus sends. For we are Jesus’ followers. We are Jesus’ (friends).Conclude that beginning with your September 24 lesson you will proclaim the Sunday Gospel in class.Live the GospelGather with the children in an open space where they have plenty of room to themselves. You do not want them tempted to talk to each other. Turn off or dim the lights. Invite the children to sit down, making themselves comfortable and quieting themselves on the inside and outside. Pause long enough to make sure everyone is relaxed with eyes closed. Then distribute the “Praying with the Gospels” activity page anduse it to pray a passage from the Gospels. The activity is set up so the children can use it themselves at home. The following directions are for leading this meditation for the group.Online Early Start 3Select a brief passage from one of the Gospels to read. Choose a story from among favorite ones the children have, or one of your own favorite Gospel stories. Three stories are illustrated on the page: Mark1:32–39, Mark 8:1–9, and Mark 10:13–16.Pray the beginning prayer one line at a timeand have the children repeat the line after you. Read aloud the Gospel passage you chose, slowly and with feeling. Tell the children to keep their eyes closed and use their imaginations to answer the questions you will read aloud. Read the questions, leaving plenty of time for silent reflection. Next, the children will talk to Jesusin answer to your questions. Finally, pray the concluding prayer by having the children repeat lines or parts of lines after you.Ask the children to find a partner. They share their experiences of the prayer. Gather in a large group again, and ask volunteers to share with the group.Encourage the children to continue this type of meditative prayer at home at least once a week.Explain that the best way to do this is to choose a specific, quiet place—a bedroom, a favorite spot outdoors, a quiet corner—and to set a specific time for their meditation.Give children a moment to read “Praying with the Gospels” on their own. When everyone is ready, brainstorm together times and places for prayer. Give the children time to add color to the illustration. Encourage children to share the activity page with their families.Concluding Prayer Read again the concluding prayer on the “Praying with the Gospels” activity page. Conclude your prayer by sharing a Sign of Peace.Early Start 3: We Pray Together©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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