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the store for Mom, I saw Joey, who played t-ball with me last summer. He had a cast on his arm from playing soccer. I gave him my valentine and he sat right down on the bench outside the store and tried to find all the hidden hearts. He foundall but one, so I showed him where it was hiding. Then I helped him carry his groceries home and we played with his action toys. I was really glad I had a valentine to give Joey.”“My turn,” said Mom. “I went to see Grandma at the nursing home to take her the heart cookieswe made yesterday. I was going to give her the valentine basket, too, but when I was walking down the corridor to Grandma’s room, I met a lady with a walker. She said hello, and I said hello, and then she said, ‘I bet you are going to see your mother.’ She looked kind of sad and said, ‘None of my family live in this city, so no one comes to visit me.’ I said, ‘I will visit you every week.’ I gave her the valentine basket and she gave me a kiss, right here on my cheek.”“Can I go with you and meet her?” Becky said.“Of course, you can,” Mom said. “Now let’s hear what Dad did with his valentine.”Mr. Heart said, “I carried my valentine in my briefcase. I was at my desk making phone calls when Bill came in the office. He looked sad. ‘What is wrong?’ I asked. ‘My wife is in the hospital. Dr. Mitchell said she will be okay, but I am still worried.’ So I said, ‘I have something special for you. You can take it to the hospital and give it to your wife.’ I gave Bill my valentine. He said he was going right to the hospital to show it to his wife.”“Let’s do this again next year,” said Johnny. Everybody agreed. Mom served a special valentine supper and a heart cake with red frosting!Ask: How did the Heart family bring happiness? Call on volunteers to tell you what Becky, Johnny, Mom, and Dad did with their valentines. Conclude that Jesus wants us to do loving things for each other.Online Early Start Lesson 2Stretch and Hop: Have the children spread out in the open area. Ask them to stretch up high, high, higher. Now squat on the floor. Jump up high. Squat on the floor. Jump to the right. Jump to the left. Stand and hop on the right foot, then the left foot. Hop around the room and end up back in a sitting circle in the Gospel area.Discover Gospel and DoctrineGospel Story Usually the teacher reads or tells the children a version of the Sunday Gospel at this time. These reproducible lessons do not include a Gospel but will ready the childrento hear and discuss the Gospel during their regular Seeds sessions.Show the children your large-sized copy of the activity about Jesus from last week. Take a moment to let them remind you what you talked about. Give each child a chance to contribute but don’t let them talk for long at this point.Fold the page so only the top panel shows. Tell the children you have a question for them. In what ways is Jesus’ birth like theirs? Ask: Was anyone here born in a stable? Did shepherds come to visit you? Was there a donkey in the room? After these silly questions, ask what in the picture was like their birth. They were very little. Their moms and dads were there. Their guardian angel was there, too. Conclude that Jesus was a human baby, just as they were. Mary was his mother and God was his father. Joseph was his foster-father. Everything babies do, Jesus did. Jesus is both a human being like us and like God.Show the children the middle panel. Ask: What is Jesus doing there that they like to do, too? He is outside, enjoying nature. He is with people he likes. They all look happy. He has gotten big now, and looks healthy.Early Start 2: We Gather Together©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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