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Early Start Lesson 2 We Gather TogetherFamilyOverviewSeeds lessons are based on the SundayGospels. This means they are centered on Jesus’ teachings and his actions. In this lesson, the children will review what they already know about Jesus. They will talk about Jesus’ family and draw a picture of their own family.Share ExperiencesOpening Prayer: Gather in the prayer space you created last week. Greet each child by name and welcome him or her to this class where everyone will learn about Jesus. Give each child his orher nametag from the first week. Have blank nametags ready for any new children who appear. When all have assembled, ask them to stand ina circle. Be sure each child has room to do the gestures to the song. Sing The Seed Song (Seeds Music CD, CD-1, #1) along with the music CD. Have the children sit in the circle and listen as you saya prayer asking God to bless your time together. Invite the children to respond “Amen.”Story: The Valentine Family Have the children remain sitting in the circle. This part of a Seeds lesson is usually story time. The stories present life experiences to which children can relate. Stories work like magic in helping even young children explore their own experience. Introduce this story by asking if the children like Valentine’s Day. Who gives them valentines? Family, friends, grandparents, teachers. Keep the responses to one word. Discourage long descriptions or you won’t have time for the story. Tell the children you know a family called the Hearts. This is how they celebrated last Valentine’s Day.On the evening before Valentine’s Day, the Heart family sat around the kitchen table. They had just finished supper. Johnny and Becky Heart wereMaterialsl Copies of the “God Gave Me a Family” activity page l Seeds Music CD and a CD Playerl A large Biblel Crayons or colored pencilsl Nametagstalking about the valentine party at school. “You know,” Mr. Heart said, “our family should celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way. After all, we are Hearts.” Mrs. Heart said, “I have an idea. Whydon’t we all make a special valentine right now? Tomorrow we can take it with us wherever we go. Each of us has to find someone who we think really needs our valentine.”After Becky and Johnny cleared the table and washed the dishes, Mom put crayons, markers, and scissors on the table. Becky had some heart stickers left over from the school party. She put those on her card.Johnny drew a picture with 15 hidden hearts in it. Dad made a heart card that could fold and stand up. Mom made a valentine basket and then cut out valentine flowers to fill it. The next day all of the Hearts took their special valentines with them. This is what happened when they got home that night.Becky was the youngest, so she shared first. “I went to the playground to look for someone to share my valentine with, but everyone was too busy playing. Then I noticed a little girl sitting on a swing with no one to push her. So I did. We played on the swings and the jungle gym and the slide. Then I walked her across the street to her house. Before she went in the house, I gave her my valentine with all the hearts, and she gave me a big hug. I felt very happy.“That was really nice, Becky,” said Johnny. Then he told everyone about his valentine. “When I went toEarly Start 2: We Gather Together©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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