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• We listen to the person who is speaking.• We talk when it is our turn.• We take turns and share.• We help clean up after projects.Praise the children for each good behavior they mentioned. Plan to reinforce these behaviors every time your Seeds class meets.Closing PrayerEach Seeds lesson during the year willhelp the children develop a life of prayer appropriate to their age and developmental stage. Gather the children in the prayer area. Ask if they have anything they want the group to pray for. Begin with your own prayer. For example, “Let us pray for Olivia’s brother who is sick today.” End with a brief prayer in your own words. Ask God to hear your prayers, and thank God for your time together. Remind the children to take home to their families the page about Jesus that they colored.Online Early Start Lesson 1Early Start 1: We Meet Jesus in the Gospels©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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