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You can use a small table or a shelf at their level.If this is not an option, simply have the children empty the box, turn it over, and cover it with the cloth. You will gather in this area during your Seeds lesson to proclaim the Gospel. Structure gives young children a framework in which to function and the routine helps them feel comfortable.Gospel Story: Each Seeds lesson centers on hearing the Sunday Gospel story. Because teachers can use these online lessons on any Sunday, the Sunday Gospel is not part of these lessons. The activity page will help the children talk about Jesus.Ask them what they know about Jesus. Acceptall answers, but keep them brief. Don’t look fora common thread yet. When everyone has hada chance to contribute, distribute the “We Know About Jesus” activity page. Tell the children that this is a page of pictures about Jesus. Read the title of the page aloud. Then fold the page into thirds. Show the children the top picture, Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Ask them to tell you anything they know about this picture. Who is the baby? The man? The woman? Why are there animals present? Most children will be very familiar with this story. Point out the star that is calling the Wise Men to come and visit.Look together at the center panel on the page. What is happening? Lots of people are coming to Jesus. They look happy; he looks happy. One of the children has bandages. Ask: Why are these people coming to be with Jesus? He will teach them and heal them. He will tell them that God loves them and that they should love God back and love each other, too.The third picture shows Jesus at a meal. Askthe children if they have ever seen a picture of Jesus eating a meal with his friends. Some of the children may have a picture of the Last Supper in their homes. Point out that Jesus loved to eat with his friends. Ask the children if they would like to share a meal with Jesus. Where would they eat? AtOnline Early Start Lesson 1the kitchen table, at a picnic table in a park, at a restaurant, in the backyard? Let them share any stories they know about Jesus having a meal, perhaps Jesus feeding everyone with just a few fish and loaves of bread.Stay with this activity as long as the children are paying attention and enjoying it. Don’t feel that you have to answer all of their questions or explain everything that Jesus did. You have a whole year of Seeds lessons to catechize the children. For the present, let them have fun telling you what they know about how much Jesus loved people— including them.Stretch and Sing: The children will need a break after sitting still for so long. A popular activity song is “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” If you like to sing, lead them in the usual version. If you are not sure about the tune, have the children sing these words to the melody of “London Bridge.” As they do, they touch their heads, shoulders, knees and toes.Head and shoulders, knees and toes, Knees and toes, knees and toes. Head and shoulders, knees and toes. Let’s all clap our hands.Coloring Activity: Direct the children to move to the area of your room with worktables or desks. Distribute crayons or colored pencils so they can color the activity-page illustrations. While they work, go around the room, helping the children or just visiting with them.Building Christian CommunityPraise the Children’s BehaviorAsk the children what polite and respectful behavior they noticed during your time together. They will come up with some version of the following:• We call each other by name.Early Start 1: We Meet Jesus in the Gospels©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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