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Early Start Lesson 1We Meet Jesus in the GospelsKnowing JesusOverviewWelcome to the Seeds program for preschool children. Each week, the children will learn more about Jesus and his Good News and will celebrate with their families and neighbors as a community. This lesson will help you assess what the children in your Seeds class already know about Jesus. It will help you correct misunderstandings they have and give you insight into how to present the parables and stories about Jesus that the children hear each Sunday. The children will also get to know one another and become comfortable with you.Share ExperiencesGetting Acquainted: The children in your Seeds group will be able to learn and to share if they feel accepted. Make a practice of calling each child by name. The other children will follow your lead. As the children come into your classroom, welcome them warmly and lead them to the work area. Give each child a nametag and print his or her first name on it. Have crayons, washable markers, or colored pencils ready so the early arrivals can color their nametags while the other children are still coming in. Having a simple task to do will help calm any uneasiness about being in a new situation. Circulate around the room getting to know the children as they work. Use double-sided tape to stick the nametags onto the children’s clothing.You can use these nametags each week as a way to take roll. Have the nametags laid out on a table or the floor. When the children arrive, they bring their nametags to you. You may wish to give each child a small sticker to place on the nametag each week, thus creating an attendance record.Ball Toss Name Game: Have the children sit in a circle in the open area. Begin by rolling a ball to a child and saying, “I roll the ball to , androlls it back to me.” Continue rolling the ball to each child until you have named everyoneMaterialsl Copies of the “We Know About Jesus” activity page l Seeds Music CD and a CD playerl Crayons, markers or colored pencilsl Nametagsl Small rubber ballMake a copy of the activity page at double the original sizelin the circle. Ask a child to roll the ball to you and say your name. Give the name you want them to call you.The Seed Song: This lesson is a good time to teach the Seeds signature song from the SeedsCD (Seeds Music CD, CD-1, #1). Have the children remain in their circle and listen to the song a couple of times. Then invite them to stand and sing. The children will pick up the melody and words by singing along with the recording several times. If a music minister from your parish is available, have him or her lead the children in this special song.After they have sung aloud with the CD several times, add gestures. Have the children put their thumb and first finger just a little ways apart to show how small a seed is, touch their chests on the word heart, and then raise their arms high and wiggle their fingers to show how the seeds grow. Plan to use this song for at least three lessons before teaching the children another song.Discover Gospel and DoctrineGospel Ritual: Place in a small box a piece of colorful cloth, beautiful items from nature, and a children’s Bible. The children can take turns each week using the contents to set up a prayer center.Early Start 1: We Meet Jesus in the Gospels©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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