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Early Start Lesson 3 We Pray TogetherThe Sign of the CrossOverviewChildren need to experience many kinds of prayer. When theypray together as Seeds class begins, they learn to ask God’sblessing when beginning new work. Prayers of petition allowthem to bring personal concerns to God and to their faith page community. Prayers using gestures and music help childrenMaterialsexpress themselves with their bodies as well as their minds and voices. This lesson builds children’s experiences of prayer with the Sign of the Cross, a prayer the children hear each Sunday at Eucharist and practice at home with their families.l Copies of “The Sign of the Cross” activity l Crayons or colored pencilsShare ExperiencesOpening Prayer: Invite the children to gather in the prayer area as they come into your classroom. Begin your session with The Seed Song (Seeds Music CD, CD-1, #1) and its accompanying gestures. Greet each child by name and welcome each child to the class individually. Tell the children that today they are going to learn more about praying.Ask the children to make the Sign of the Cross with you. Notice if any are having trouble deciding which shoulder to touch first. Help these children by asking all the children to stand. Stand with them, facing the same way, and make the Sign of the Cross with them. Ask when they make the Sign of the Cross or when they have seen parents or older brothers and sisters make the Sign of the Cross. When we enter a church, wedip our fingers into holy water and make the Sign of the Cross. We also make the Sign of the Cross when Mass begins and to begin bedtime prayers and meal prayers. Emphasize that this prayer is a sign that we are followers of Jesus.Nature Walk: Take a nature walk. Tell the children to look for something that is alive that we can all thank God for. Define “alive” as growing, which includes plants, animals, insects, trees and bushes, people, the teeming earth itself. After a minuteof looking around, ask a volunteer to begin the children’s thank-you prayers. Encourage thevolunteer by saying, “Thank you, God, for giving us . ”Vary this form by asking the children to look around for something red or green or brown for which to thank God. Expand this to nonliving objects that help us, such as cars and bikes, stores and sidewalks. Finally, ask the children to look at themselves and thank God for all they can do.Discover Gospel and DoctrineThe Sunday Gospel: Usually at the center of each lesson, you will read to the children a version of the Sunday Gospel. These reproducible lessons do not include a Gospel passage but will ready the children to hear and discuss during their regular Seeds sessions.Take the children to church to see the Lectionary or Gospel book close up. This is a good time to involve the pastor or deacon. The children will feel more connected to the Eucharist if they know the persons involved in the ritual.Show the children how to make the Sign of the Cross with holy water as they enter the church. Ask the priest or deacon to pray the prayer that includes signing the forehead, lips, and heart with a cross. Be sure the children get a good look at the Lectionary. Perhaps the pastor or deacon will answer other questions they may have about the church or what happens at Mass. Make the Sign of the Cross with holy water as you leave the church.l Seeds Music CD and a CD playerEarly Start 3: We Pray Together©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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