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Early Start Lesson 2 We Gather TogetherThe Lord’s PrayerOverviewThe children gather in their Promise class each weekto hear the Gospel and learn more about Jesus, to celebrate together as a community, and to grow inthe understanding and practice of their Catholic faith. This lesson adds the Our Father, the prayer of God’s family, to the children’s repertoire of prayers. This is a prayer that the children hear each Sunday at Eucharist. Their experience of praying and discussing this prayer at their own level will make Sunday Eucharist more understandable for them.Share ExperiencesOpening Prayer: Gather in the space you have created for prayer. Ask who knows how to make the Sign of the Cross. Most will, but it is goodto check that they are all comfortable with the gestures and the words of this prayer. Notice if they are having trouble with which shoulder to touch first. Help the children by asking them to stand and make the Sign of the Cross with you. Stand with them, facing the same direction, so they can imitate you.Ask the children why we make this sign on our bodies. Because Jesus died on the cross. Ask when they and their families make the Sign of the Cross. Before saying bedtime or mealtime prayers, at Mass, when beginning the Rosary, at baptisms.Congratulate the children on knowing this prayer. Tell them you will use it to bring prayer to the start of every Promise lesson.Class Rules for Respectful Behavior: Ask the children what polite and respectful behavior they have noticed during your time together last week and so far today. They will probably come up with some of the following.• We call each other by name.• We listen to the person who is speaking.• We talk when it is our turn.• •Materialsl Copies of “A Chain of Jesus’ Followers” activity page l Baskets of crayons, markers, colored pencilsl Scissors and tapel Poster board or newsprintl Good News/Promise Music CD and a CD player l NametagsWe take turns and share.We help clean up after projects.Praise the children for each good behavior they noticed. Talk about why it is so important for everyone to follow these classroom rules. Ask the children to choose 4 or 5 rules they would like to have for this class. Print the agreed-upon ruleson a sheet of poster board or newsprint. Post it in the room where all of the children can see it. Ask the children to write their name or initials on the sheet if they will try to follow these rules. Plan to reinforce these behaviors every time your Promise class meets.Discover Gospel and DoctrineJesus Is God’s Son: Gather the children sitting in a circle in the Gospel area. Review the story of Jesus welcoming the little children. The children know from that story that Jesus loved children and didn’t want people to shoo them away. Ask what else they know about him. Give every child a chance to share, but don’t force anyone. Sum up by saying that Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus was also human like you and me. Jesus came to live on Earth with us so that we could see how much God loves us. Now Jesus lives in Heaven with God. Jesus is also here with us in the Eucharist, and when we gather together to pray and learn in his name.Early Start 2: We Gather Together©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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