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Early Start Lesson 3 We Pray TogetherPraise PrayersOverviewGood News helps children to pray both spontaneously fromthe heart and together as a community of faith. In this lesson, the children will practice praise prayers. Prayers of petition are concrete and usually about us and those we care about. Prayers of thanksgiving are also often about us. But praising God for God’s great works is about God. Many of the Responsorial Psalms we pray at Sunday Eucharist are prayers of praise. This lesson provides activities that immerse the children in one of the praise psalms. The children will also agree to some class rules that will make their time together more productive and pleasant.Materialsl Copies of the ”Praise God! Psalm 148” activity pagel Promise/Good News Music CD and a CD player l Crayons, markers, scissors, tapel Colored paper or drawing paperl Tag board or poster boardl Chalk and paintShare ExperiencesOpening Ritual: Have volunteers prepare the ritual space in your meeting place. Ask the children to gather there as they arrive. Begin with the Sign of the Cross. Invite the children to offer petitions that they would like the group to pray about. After each petition, lead the children in the response that your parish uses at Sunday Eucharist. Then invite children to thank God for people or events for which they are thankful. Conclude this sharing by thanking God for the members of the class and asking God to bless your time together. Close by singing “The Whole World Is in God’s Hands.”Set Classroom Rules: Contrary to popular belief, children love rules! Your responsibility is to help children arrive at rules that promote community and learning in your classroom. Ask childrento help you think of some rules for respectful behavior. They will probably come up with some version of the following. Print the rules on the board or on newsprint as the children name them.• We call each other by name.• We don’t interrupt someone who is speaking. • We help clean up after projects.• We take turns and share.Give them time to discuss the rules. Ask if they can think of other rules they wish to add. Ifeveryone agrees on the rules, print them on a large sheet of poster board or tag board. Ask everyone to sign their name or initials. Display the rules where the children can see them during class.Stretch: Have the children gather in a circle holding hands. Direct them to take two steps back and then drop hands. Lead them in this stretching activity several times.Stretch, stretch your hands up high. Now let your fingers fly.Stamp your feet, both left and right, left and right.Now stretch up tall and reach your height.Gospel Story: This part of a Good News lesson is always dedicated to hearing the Sunday Gospel story. Because these online Early Start lessons can be used on any Sunday, the Sunday Gospels are not part of the lessons. Use this time instead to teach the children about psalms as prayers of praise.Begin by asking the children if they like to hear good things about themselves. When you say something good about something or someone, you praise that person or thing. Write the word praise on the board or on a sheet of newsprint. Praise sounds like prays, so it is important for the children to see it spelled out. Point out that praise statements tell us something good about ourselves.Early Start 3: We Pray Together©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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