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Early Start Lesson 1We Meet Jesus in the GospelsThe Story of JesusOverviewThis lesson introduces the children to the Gospel and to the church setting in which they hear the Gospel each Sunday. The children will understand the Gospel as the story of Jesus.Share ExperiencesOpening Prayer: Gather the children in the prayer space and begin with the Sign of the Cross. Make up a prayer asking God to bless your time together. Invite the children to respond, “Amen.” Conclude by listening to “Yes, Lord, I Believe” (Promise/Good News Music CD, CD-2, #26).Review the Rules: Call the children’s attention to the class rules that you and the children may have compiled during a previous lesson. Read the rules together. Ask if the children agree to keep the rules today. They will be walking over to church to tour the sanctuary. What rules will be important during the tour? Listening to the person who leads the tour. Not talking loudly or running. Following the teacher’s directions. Thank the children for making this a good class for everyone.We Gather Around the Altar: Before you tour the church, ask the children what they especially want to know about. Write these down to take along. Encourage the children to listen carefully during the tour to learn more about everything that is part of a Sunday Eucharist. Tell them that they will each have a chance to ask one question of the tour leader, so they should have it ready.Ideally, the pastor or deacon will lead the tour. Ask him to show the children as many as possible of the objects that they discussed before the tour. Be sure the children see the Lectionary, or thel l l l lMaterialsCopies of the “We Hear Jesus’Word” activity page TheGoodNewsMusicCDandCDplayerCrayons, markers, or colored pencils Bibles,atleastoneforeverytwochildrenMake an oversized copy of the page from the Bible showing Luke 8:19–21book of readings. Let them look at it up close. Ask each child to point out where his or her family sits at church. Give each child a chance to ask one question of the priest or deacon or of you. Return to the classroom and gather in the area where you display the Bible. Talk about what the children learned during the church visit.Discover Gospel and DoctrineThe Gospels Tell Jesus’ Story: Stay in thecircle. Write the word “Gospels” in the middle of the board or in the middle of a large sheet of newsprint and ask the children to help you create a word web about it. Draw straight lines (like spokes) coming out from the word. Ask children what they know about the Gospels. On each line write information that the children provide. When all who wish to have contributed, ask children what definition or description of Gospels comes from their word web. Children should recognize that the Gospels tell the Good News about Jesus’ life and his teaching. The Gospels are part ofthe Bible and part of the New Testament. There are four Gospel writers. Share with the children that the Gospels are not like other books on the library shelf. They are about Jesus, who is God among us. Jesus is both human and God. The Gospels have changed people’s lives, just as Jesus changed the lives of his first followers. Tell theEarly Start 1: We Meet Jesus in the Gospels©2017PflaumPublishingGroup,adivisionofBayard,Inc. Permissionisgrantedtoreproducethispageforusebyparishes,schools,andfamiliesusing PflaumGospelWeeklies.

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