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Gathering Ritual2nd Sunday of Lent • February 25, 2018 • Jesus is both human and divine.Sunday Readings: Genesis 22:1-2, 9, 10-13, 15-18; Romans 8:31-34; Mark 9:2-10Sing: “CHOICES” from the Promise/Good News Music CD (CD-1, #16). Lyrics are available at We begin in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.All: Amen.Leader: Jesus, help us to be renewed in our thoughts and actions as we open our hearts to you.All: Amen.Psalm116All: I will walk before God in the land of the living.Leader 1: O Lord, I am your servant; to you I will offer gifts of thanksgiving, and I will call upon your name. All: I will walk before God in the land of the living.Leader 2: My promises to the Lord I will keep. In the presence of all the people.In the courts of the house of the Lord.In your midst, O Jerusalem.All: I will walk before God in the land of the living. GospelLeader: Let us prepare to listen to the Word of the Lord.All: Lord, be with us today as we take up our cross to follow you on our Lenten journey.“I will walk in the presence of the Lord, in the land of the living.” Psalm 116.9Reader: A reading from the Gospel According to Mark 9.2-10. Use the Gospel in reader parts from Venture or Visions.ReflectionJesus calls us to glory. The Church always wants us to remember Jesus’ resurrection whenever we think about his death. Jesus’ love was stronger than death and broke its power. Jesus passed from death tothe new life of the resurrection. On the Second Sunday of Lent we always read the Gospel of the Transfiguration, which gives us a vision of Jesus risen. Lent is springtime in the Church, a time for bud-ding forth in new, loving actions, and cleaning up old grudges and dislikes. The vision of Jesus shining in glory reminds us that Jesus wants us to share his new risen life. Let us go now into our sessions and think together about ways we can share Jesus’ new risen life with one another.Concluding PrayerLeader: Who would like to share the meaning of the word transfiguration? (Encourage Visions and Good News users to share the definitions they learned.) Let us say the prayer of St. Patrick. These words were on St. Patrick’s Breastplate. Let those who use Spirit come forward to lead us all in the prayer.All: Christ be with me.Christ within me.Christ behind me.Christ before me.Christ beside me.Christ to win me.Christ in hearts of all that love me.Christ in mouth of friend and stranger. Amen.Family Catechesis© 2018 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. The Gospel for All Ages Family Catechesis program is a free resource available to parishes, schools, and families who use P aum Gospel Weeklies. They may also reproduce the Family Corner feature for use in digital and print publications. (800-543-4383)

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