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Family Catechesis1st Sunday of Lent • February 18, 2018 • We Follow Jesus in Lent.Sunday Readings: Genesis 9:8-15; 1 Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:12-15 Weekly Discussion QuestionsFamily CornerFor the Parish BulletinLife Question: What is testing your spirit this Lent? Gospel Question: What is Jesus asking when he says to repent and believe in the Good News?LIFE AND GOSPEL QUESTIONS BY AGE LEVELExploring the Sunday Readings (Adults) What is testing your spirit this Lent? Visit exploringthesundayreadings.comVisions (Grades 7–8)Life Question: Why do so many young people worry about weight and shape?Gospel Question: Could you be convicted of being a Christian?Venture (Grades 4–6)Life Question: What difficulties do brothers and sisters have with each other?Gospel Question: What Good News does Jesus bring to the people of Galilee and to us?Good News (Grades 2–3)Life Question: What practices will you do during Lent? Gospel Question: What are all the things Jesus does in the desert?Promise (Grades K–1)Life Question: How do we celebrate Lent?Gospel Question: What are ways to pray during Lent?Seeds (Preschool)Life Question: What is some Good News about you? Gospel Question: Who teaches you to pray?About the GospelIn this Gospel, we are told, “the Spirit drove [Jesus] into the desert” so he could pray, and “the angels ministered to him.” The Holy Spirit always moves us in ways that are good for us.Visit to read this Sunday’s Scripture.In ChurchLook around your church for symbols of the Holy Spirit (dove,  re, wind).Family PrayerQuestionof the WeekHow does the Holy Spirit help you to live as a follower of Jesus?Holy Spirit, help us to make good choices that are pleasing to God.Rincon de la FamiliaAcerca del EvangelioEn el Evangelio, se nos dice: “el Espíritu lo empujó [a Jesús] al desierto” para que pudiera rezar, “y los ángeles le servían”. El Espíritu Santo siempre nos mueve de maneras que son buenas para nosotros.Visita para leer las lecturas de este domingo.En la IglesiaMira en tu iglesia y busca símbolos del Espíritu Santo (paloma, fuego, viento).Oración en familiaPreguntade la semana¿De qué manera el Espíritu te ayuda a vivir como seguidor de Jesús?Espíritu Santo, ayúdanos a tomar buenas decisiones que sean agradables a Dios.

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