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Gathering Ritual5th Sunday in Ordinary Time • February 4, 2018 • Jesus HealsSunday Readings: Job 7:1-4, 6-7; 1 Corinthians 9:16-19, 22-23; Mark 1:29-39Consider handing out bandages at the conclusion to remind people they can be healers this week.Sing: “Yes, Lord I Believe” from the Promise/Good News Music CD (CD-2, #26). Lyrics are available at Psalm 147, Sunday’s Responsorial PsalmLeader: Praise God, for God is good. It is fitting to praise God.All: Praise God, who heals the brokenhearted.Leader: God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.All: God tells the number of the stars and calls each by name.Leader: Great is our God and mighty in power. God’s wisdom has no limit.All: God sustains the lowly and heals the brokenhearted. Amen.GospelLeader: Let us prepare to listen to the Gospel. Loving God, open our ears to hear your call.All: Open our eyes to see the Spirit in our lives.Leader: Open our hearts to live the Gospel.All: Open our hands to reach out to heal and help others as Jesus did.Reader(s): A reading from the Gospel according to Mark 1.29-39. Use the Gospel in reader parts from Venture or Visions.ReflectionIn Sunday’s Gospel Jesus shows us why he came among us. He came to heal people who are sick. He came to set people free from grudges and greed,from addictions and arrogant attitudes. Jesus came to lift us up as he did Peter’s mother-in-law. We can follow her example as Jesus’ first woman disciple. We can respond to Jesus lifting us up by serving oth- ers. We can act as healers when we help our friends believe in themselves, when we comfort someone, when we forgive someone who hurt us, or when we ask for forgiveness when we have hurt someone else. This Gospel is about us. In our time together in class you will talk about ways to heal and help others, ways to serve. Bring back ideas about how to heal and help and serve others so we can share them.Concluding PrayerLeader: Jesus, you walked the roads of Galilee healing sick people and freeing many who had lost themselves to addictions. We walk in your footsteps in our world. We find you with us in our relationships. May we be friends who heal and free one another. Amen.Invite the Good News class to tell how Martin de Porres helped others (page 2 in the issue). Invite anyone totell about ways they discovered they can help, heal,or serve others. Invite 20 participants to stand and name a person who has inspired them to be committed Catholic Christians who serve others. Count as each person of any age stands and says the person’s name and a one sentence statement about the person.Leader: Let us join hands and pray the prayer Jesus taught us. Say the Our Father together. Then exchange a sign of peace and healing.Family Catechesis© 2018 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. The Gospel for All Ages Family Catechesis program is a free resource available to parishes, schools, and families who use P aum Gospel Weeklies. They may also reproduce the Family Corner feature for use in digital and print publications. (800-543-4383)

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