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Family Catechesis5th Sunday of Lent • March 18, 2018 • Jesus Is Like a Grain of WheatSunday Readings: Jeremiah 31:31–34; Hebrews 5:7–9; John 12:20–33 Weekly Discussion QuestionsFamily CornerFor the Parish BulletinLife Question: What is one way you have lifted someone up?Gospel Question: How is Jesus like a grain of wheat?LIFE AND GOSPEL QUESTIONS BY AGE LEVELExploring the Sunday Readings (Adults)When has death exerted authority over you? What do you do to retain attentive to the voice of life?Visit exploringthesundayreadings.comVisions (Grades 7–8)Life Question: What is your best experience of Mass? Gospel Question: How is the life cycle of a grain of wheat like Jesus’ life?Venture (Grades 4–6)Life Question: Can you grow a plant with seeds? Gospel Question: How is Jesus’ life like the life of a grain of wheat?Good News (Grades 2–3)Life Question: What happens to seeds when you plant them?Gospel Question: How is Jesus’ Death like planting a seed?Promise (Grades K–1)Life Question: How does a seed grow?Gospel Question: What are some ways you can grow in love?Seeds (Preschool)Life Question: What loving actions does your family do when sharing a meal together?Gospel Question: Discuss how God makes food for us.About the GospelJesus explains how God will bring glory from everything that is done according to his will—even Jesus’ upcoming Death. Christ compares his Death to a plant that dies, leaving seeds to grow. He wants us to love God, follow his will, and grow seeds of faith.Visit to read this Sunday’s Scripture.In ChurchLook at the cruci x and notice that Jesus’ arms are spread wide as a sign of how very much he loves us.Family PrayerQuestionof the WeekHow can you be like a seed and help grow faith?Help us to put you  rst, Lord—to seek your will and help grow faith in others.Acerca del EvangelioRincon de la FamiliaJesús explica que Dios glori cará todo lo que se hace conforme a su voluntad, inclusive la inminente muerte de Jesús. Cristo compara su muerte con una planta que muere, y que deja semillas para cultivar. Quiere que amemos a Dios, cumplamos su voluntad, y cultivemos semillas de fe.Visita para leer las lecturas de este domingo.En la IglesiaMira el cruci jo y observa que los brazos de Jesús están bien abiertos como signo de cuánto nos ama.Oración en familiaPreguntade la semana¿De qué manera puedes ser como una semilla y ayudar a aumentar la fe?Señor, ayúdanos a ponerte primero, a buscar tu voluntad y ayudar a aumentar la fe en los demás.

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