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Gathering Ritual4th Sunday of Lent • March 11, 2018 • Jesus Gives Us LightSunday Readings: 2 Chronicles 36:14–16, 19–23; Ephesians 2:4–10; John 3:14–21Pray and Sing: Play and sing “God’s Family” from the Seeds Music CD, CD–2, #16. Lyrics are available to download and print at We begin in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.Leader: Let us pray. Jesus, you inspire us to live in your light. Help us to be renewed in our thoughts and actions. Help us to open our hearts to others. Let us walk in the light.Psalm 137, Sunday’s Responsorial PsalmAll: Let my tongue be silenced, if I ever forget you!Leader 1: O let my tongue cleave to my mouth,if I remember you not, if I prize not Jerusalem above all my joys!All: Let my tongue be silenced, if I forget you!GospelLeader: Let us prepare to listen to the Gospel. Loving God, open our ears to hear your call.All: Open our eyes to see the Spirit in our lives.Leader: Open our hearts to live the Gospel.All: Open our hearts so that we may bring light and life into the world.Reader: A reading from the holy Gospel according to John (John 3:14–21). Use the Gospel in reader parts from Venture or Visions.ReflectionPeople often hold up signs at televised sports events that read John 3:16. This reference comes from Sunday’s Gospel. The verse summarizes the Gospel: God so loved the world that he sent his only Son to reveal this love to us. In Jesus’ words and actions, we see God’s love and forgiveness. Jesus shows us God. Jesus is a light in the darkness. Jesus’ words andactions teach us that loving God and one another are the most important actions we can do. Jesus teaches us that love means forgiving, feeding, clothing, sheltering, sharing and visiting. Love means treating others the way we want to be treated ourselves. Love means showing others the love God has shown us in sending Jesus. Let us go now into our sessions and think together about ways we can use our power to heal and forgive and spread Jesus’ light to the world.Concluding PrayerLeader: Who has ideas about how you can use your power to witness to the light? (Use the situations on page 7 of Venture. Invite children to suggest ways they can bear witness to the truth light.)Leader 1: God, we believe in you. We see you in the acts of kindness people around us do. We see you in the beauty of nature—the flowers of springtime, the sunsets at evening, the stillness of a lake at dawn.Leader 2: We thank you for the ways in which you show yourself to us. Give us the courage and strength to be like you—people who show forth your love and heal the broken people in the world.All: O God, help us love one another as your Son Jesus loves us. Help us turn our fights into friendship, our dislikes into respect for others, and our confused darkness into joyful light. Amen.Family Catechesis© 2018 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. The Gospel for All Ages Family Catechesis program is a free resource available to parishes, schools, and families who use P aum Gospel Weeklies. They may also reproduce the Family Corner feature for use in digital and print publications. (800-543-4383)

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