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Christmas Time Is Coming Soon(sing to the tune “London Bridge Is Falling Down”)Christmas time is coming soon, coming soon, coming soon. Christmas time is coming soon.Are you ready? (point to another child)We have got our presents wrapped, presents wrapped, presents wrapped. We have got our presents wrapped. Yes, I’m ready! (point to self)Repeat the  rst verse and use the following verses as responses:Our Christmas tree has lots of lights, lots of lights, lots of lights.Our Christmas tree has lots of lights. Yes, I’m ready.We have mailed our Christmas cards, Christmas cards, Christmas cards. We have mailed our Christmas cards. Yes, I’m ready.I welcome Jesus to my heart,to my heart, to my heart.I welcome Jesus to my heart.Yes, I’m ready. (fold arms across chest in a prayer gesture)Come, Jesus(sing to the tune “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)Come, Jesus, come to us, come to us, come to us. Come, Jesus, come to us. We all wait for you.Go Tell It on the MountainGo (point to the distance)Tell it (cup hands like a megaphone)On the mountain (raise arms over head and touch  ngers) Over the hills and everywhere (make waving motion with arms to show the hills)Go, tell it on the mountain (point to the distance,then cup hands like a megaphone)that Jesus Christ is born. (rock baby in arms)Jesus, Come(sing to the tune “Frére Jacques”)We are waiting. We are waiting.Jesus, come! Jesus, come!Advent is a time to wait. Advent is a time to wait. Jesus, come! Jesus, come!Little DoveLittle dove, little darling(make a cradle with arms and pretend to rock a baby)Little sparrow, little starling(move arms like bird  ying)Little light, little joy(raise hands up to the stars and bring back down)Little baby, little boy(cradling gesture again)This Is the Way We Trim the Tree(sing to the tune “London Bridge Is Falling Down”)This is the way we trim the tree, trim the tree, trim the tree. This is the way we trim the tree, as we prepare for Christmas.This is the way we wrap our gifts... This is the way we put up lights... This is the way we show our love...We Are All One Family(sing to the tune “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”)We are all one family, one family, one family. We are all one family, one family of God. There is Mary and JosephAnd angels and shepherdsAnd wise men from the East In the family of God.We Three KingsWe three kings of Orient are.Bearing gifts we travel afar.Field and fountain, moor and mountain, Following yonder star.O, star of wonder, star of might.Star of royal beauty bright.Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to the perfect light.When the children know the words, add the following movements:We three kings... (all move to right standing tall)Bearing gifts... (walk to center of circle, hands held high, holding gifts)Field and fountain... (bend and put gift on  oor)Moor and mountain... (turn to face the outside of circle) Following yonder star... (return to original place, turn to face inward)Star of wonder... (hands over head, twinkling like a star) Star of royal... (move to the right)Westward leading... (move to the left)Guide us... (move to center and back out to original place)Page 4© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.

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