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Jesus Teaches MeJesus teaches me that God loves us. Jesus teaches me to pray.Jesus teaches me to forgive.Jesus teaches me to share.Jesus teaches me to praise God (or go to church or Mass) with my family and neighbors.Jesus teaches me to love everyone.Amen.Seed PrayerGod, you give life to us and to the tiny seedsthat fall to the ground and slowly sprout and grow. (give time for them to grow)You water them with the rain.(some children tiptoe around watering the plants) You warm them with the sun.(one child goes around touching each of the others) Help us grow in loving you by our actions.(plants sway in the breeze)Help us care for others, share our things,and help our families and classmates to love you. Amen.PRAYERSTable Grace for ChristmasPlan to make your Christmas gathering special by setting the table with candles and glasses for a Christmas toast. You can use both regular wine and sparkling cider and fruit juices so everyone can make the toast. Invite the oldest, youngest, and newest persons at the table to light a candle and read a part.Oldest: Help us remember all we have to be thankful for since last Christmas.(remember new babies, newlyweds, new boy- or girlfriends, graduations, new jobs, all the big events in people’s lives) Youngest: Bless this food. Bless each of us. We welcome all to our table the same way we welcome the Christ Child to our world.Newest: We pray for peace on earth. May this be a Christmas when all people will  nd room at the table of blessing and plenty.All: Amen.Oldest: Let us drink a toast. Merry Christmas! Thanksgiving Day PrayerOne little, two little, three little feathers. (count on  ngers)Four little,  ve little turkey feathers.Little feathers on my turkeyfor Thanksgiving Day.Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the food we eat. On Thanksgiving Day.Thank-You PrayerThank you, God,for hearts to love you with (point to heart)for hands to fold in prayer (fold hands)for bodies that can move (jump up and down)and for friends to play with. (shake hands with another) Amen.© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.Page 2

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