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Ten Little Children Story RhymeTen little children got along just  ne.One moved away, and then there were nine.Nine little children stayed out too late.One slept all morning, and then there were eight.Eight little children all aged eleven.One had a birthday, and then there were seven.Seven little children playing with sticks.One got a splinter, and then there were six.Six little children practicing a dive.One did a belly  op, and then there were  ve.Five little children knocking on the door.One fell in the bushes, and then there were four.Four little children sitting knee to knee.One fell asleep, and then there were three.Three little children all saying, “Boo!”One got scared, and then there were two.Two little children out having fun.One went to Grandma’s house, and then there was one. One little child playing all alone.Mom called, “Supper’s ready!” and the child ran home.Thank You, GodTell the children they are going to thank God for the fun things our bodies can do. Ask them to think of something they like to do when they play. Give each child a turn to be the leader and name one thing he or she is thankful to be able to do. The rest of the children act it out. For example, you can lead o  by saying, “Thank you, God, for swimming.” The children pretend they are swimming. Continue until every child has had a chance to call out an activity.Tooty TaTooty ta. Tooty too. Tooty ta ta. Thumbs up!Tooty ta. Tooty too. Tooty ta ta. Thumbs up!Elbows back!Tooty ta. Tooty too. Tooty ta ta. Thumbs up!Elbows back!Feet apart!Continue by adding:Knees together! Lean forward! Tongue out! Eyes shut!Turn around!Waddle Like DucksAsk the children to stand in the open area and stretch out their arms to make sure no one is within touching distance. Have them squat and waddle like ducks. Choose a mother duck and have the rest of the children waddle in a line behind that child. Ask the children to try  apping their wings and then  y around the room, landing at their place in the  area.© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.Page 19

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