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Pretend to Play...Clear a big space in the room or go outdoors. Have the children gather at one end of the space. Call out the activity and have them move forward while performing it so they end up at the other end of the room or space:We are playing football and throwing a forward pass. We are playing basketball and dribbling down the  oor. We are playing hockey and hitting the puck with our sticks.We are playing hopscotch and hopping on one foot. We are playing jump rope and skipping over the rope. We are on  rst base when someone hits a ball into the out eld.We are in a band and marching while we play our trumpets.We are tiptoeing back to our room so no one hears us.Reach for the CeilingReach for the ceiling. Reach for the sky,Be a bird and start to  y. Be a frog and hop all around. Be a stone and sit on the ground.Simon SaysTouch your toesBend to the rightStomp your feet, one, two, three Bend to the leftCrouch down and jump upZoom like a birdStretch up highTwirl aroundMake wings like a chickenFall asleep like a babyGet up and tiptoe to the areaStretch 1Stretch, stretch your hands up high.Now let your  ngers  y.Stamp your feet, both left and right, left and right. Now stretch up tall and reach your height.Stretch 2Talk the children through this stretching exercise step by step. Children stand in a circle in the open space. Theystep back two steps to make sure there is enough room between children. Ask them to stand with their hands at their sides, at ease. They raise elbows slowly, then stretch arms straight up, with  sts. Gradually, they release  sts and stretch  ngers, reaching for the toy on the highest shelf of the store. Gradually they go up to tiptoes and keep reaching. Don’t let toes leave the  oor. Slowly reverse the process until the children are again standing gently at rest. Then move quietly to the  area.The Sun Came UpThe sun came up one morning. (make circle of arms)It saw one mountain high. (reach arms high)It saw two clouds go sailing (move hands back and forth) across the wide, blue sky.It saw three rivers rippling, (move hand in wavy motion) and running to the sea.It heard four blackbirds singing (hold up four  ngers)out on a maple tree.It saw  ve children playingthat morning at their school.It saw six trout splashing (hold up six  ngers, make swimming motions)in the forest poolIt saw seven  owers folding (hold up seven  ngers)as sunset  lled the sky. (palms together)Eight stars were shining brightly. (hold up eight  ngers) The sun had said, “Good-bye.” (close eyes and fold hands)The Ten Bears’ PicnicHold up 10  ngers to begin, bend one down as you recite each verse. Have the children use their  ngers in the same way as they learn the rhyme.Ten little bearssitting on the ground looking all around. One went awaywith nothing to say.and then there were nine.Nine little bears...and then there were eight.Eight little bears... Seven little bears... Six little bears... Five little bears... Four little bears... Three little bears... Two little bears...One little bearsitting on the ground,looking all around.One little bearhad this to say:“Thank you for a very nice day!”© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.Page 18

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