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Planting a TreeAsk the children what happens when you plant a tree. Dig a big hole. Plant a seed like an acorn, or a seedling, which is a seed that has already put out new growth. Water the tree. Watch it grow toward the sun.Now have the children act out this process. Gather in the open area in a big circle, all holding hands. Step back one or two steps so everyone’s arms are stretched as far as they can. Drop hands and step back two more steps. Each child will now have enough space to move without bumping into other children. Ask the children to follow you as you help trees grow toward the sun:Dig a big hole. Make big digging motions. Toss the dirt. Put the little tree in the hole very gently. Scoop the dirt back in with your hands and pat it down. Water the tree.Now pretend you are the little tree. Crouch down. Stand up slowly. Stretch your arms straight up with  sts tight shut. Slowly release your  ngers and stretch them toward the sun. Slowly go up on your tiptoes. Keep your toes on the  oor. Stretch up to the sun.Now do everything backwards until you are a little tree again. Make  ngers into  sts. Bring arms down to your sides. Gradually sink down into a crouch.ORPretend you are in church. Stand on your tip toes so you can see. Stretch up high, higher.The priest asks you to bring the gifts to the altar. Walk as fast as you can without running all around this area.Pretend to Be a DogMove to the open area. Have the children stand in a circle. Tell them they are to pretend they are dogs. They get on their hands and knees and stretch like a dog does, then roll over with feet and hands in the air. Back on their hands and knees, they try to catch the Frisbee and retrieve the ball. Conclude by standing in the circle again and singing:Where, oh where, can my little dog be? Where, oh where, can she be?With her head held high and her tail hung low. Where, oh where, can she be?Page 17© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.Pretend to Be...Ask the children to stand so they can put out their arms and not touch another child. Lead them in the following movements:Pretend you are one of the football players throwinga long pass. Your eyes should show how far you have thrown the ball.Pretend you are at the homecoming game. Stand on tiptoe and stretch and stretch to see the teams as they come out on the  eld.Now you are a baseball pitcher. Wind up to throw the ball to the plate. The batter hits it very hard. Show with your eyes how far the ball  ies.Now you are a soccer player. You have a chance to kicka goal. Draw back your leg to kick. Show with your whole body if the ball went into the net for a score.Now you are a butter y collector. Tiptoe very quietly with the butter y net held high. Tiptoe to the area where we proclaim the Gospel, very gently catch the butter y in the net, and sit down with the butter y perched on your  nger.ORPretend you are in the pew at church with your parents, trying to see the altar around the grown-ups in frontof you. Then the priest (catechist or teacher) asks the children to come and sit quietly in front of him so you can hear this Sunday’s Gospel story.

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