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Imaginary Ball 2Give each of the children an imaginary ball. Ask them to discover all the things they can do with the ball:ThrowCatch at di erent heights SpinKickRoll like a bowling ball Bounce like a basketballNow tell the children the ball is changing. It is:HeavyLightSmallerLargerStickyCovered with mudConclude by saying it is time to put the balls away in a big bin. One by one, the children drop their balls in the imaginary bin and move to their places.Let’s Walk to ChurchLet’s walk to church. (all walk in place)Open the door. It’s really heavy! (tug and pull at door)Dip your  ngers in the holy water andmake a big Sign of the Cross. Really big! As big as you can make!(stretch as high up and far across as you can)Genu ect before the Blessed Sacrament. Stand back up. We can pray many ways.We can hold our hands up to God as Jesus did.(reach arms high, palms upward)We can sway back and forth as we talk to God.(keep hands up and sway gently)We can fold our hands(stretch arms way out to sides and bring together)We can sing. (cup hands alongside mouth)Marching BandAsk: Have you ever been at a parade to welcome an important person or seen one on television? What was the parade like? Most parades have marching bands.Discuss the di erent instruments in a band—trumpets, clarinets, snare and bass drums,  utes, piccolos, trombones, saxophones. Have the children stand, line up like a marching band, and choose which instrument they want to play. Conduct a practice session in which they pantomime the motions of a person playing that instrument.Have recorded march music ready. Choose a leader of the band, begin the music, and have the children march around the room playing their instruments. Choose another leader and allow children to switch instruments if they wish and march again.Move Like AnimalsGather the children in the open area. Have them move like animals. They walk with long necks stretched out and head held high like gira es. They lumber along like elephants, trying to get the monkeys o  their trunks. They hop like kangaroos and throw boomerangs like koala bears. They then hold on their balloon strings and land gently in thearea.Party GamesGather the children in the open area. Tell them they can pantomime some party games. First, play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Children pretend to blindfold each other and turn each other around. Then pretend there is a piñata for the children to swing at. Finally, play a game of tag. As soon as the person who is IT tags another child, IT can go to the  area.Planting a SeedA seed is very, very small. (curl into a ball)A plant grows very, very tall. (stretch and stand on their tip toes)Seeds are small, plants grow tall. (curl down and stretch up)Plants wave in the wind and storm, then they grow calm. (sway and then grow still)© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.Page 16

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