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Clap Your HandsStand in a circle and listen to what the rhyme tells them to do:Clap your hands, clap your hands, Clap them just like me.Touch your shoulders...Tap your knees...Shake your head...Clap your hands... Then let them quiet be.ExerciseMove to the open area and have the children stand so they can swing their arms without touching anyone. Have them do 20 jumping jacks while you count. Then have them run in place while you count to 15. Finally, ask them to tiptoe to the  area while you count to 10.Friend, Friend, From Over the WayChoose a circle area as “home” and gather the children inside it. Make sure there is something close that canbe knocked to represent a door. Choose a child to stand outside the circle. The children in the circle say, “Friend, friend, from over the way. I wonder who is coming to play.” The child outside the circle knocks on the door and says his/her name. For example, “It’s Michael.” The children in the circle chant, “Michael, Michael, from over the way, what would you like to play today?” Michael comes inside and chooses an action such as jumping, swimming, or running in place. The children circle and copy his actions for several seconds. Then Michael chooses a new child to go outside the circle and the game continues.GrowingMove to a large area where the children can swing their arms without touching another child. Tell them you will call out actions and they will show the action without sounds or words:A baby lies on its back and waves its arms and legs.The baby learns to roll over on its stomach.The baby starts to crawl.The child can ride a bike without bumping into anything. The child can bounce a basketball, swing a bat, and swim. The child can help carry in grocery bags and pick  owers. The child can go to church, sit quietly, and listen to the Gospel. Lead the children to the  area.Hands on Your ShouldersHands on your shoulders, hands on your knees. Hands behind you, if you please.Touch your head, now your toes.Take both hands and touch your nose.Wave your hands up in the air.Stamp your feet, then touch your hair. Now clap your hands one, two, three. Get on your tiptoes and follow me.ORSit down quietly, if you please.If You Love SpaghettiIf you love spaghetti, smack your lips.If you love hamburgers, shake your hips. If you love onions, cry, cry, cry.If you love chicken,  y,  y,  y.If you love ice cream, tap your toes.If you love applesauce, touch your nose. If you love zucchini, wiggle around.If you love bananas, touch the ground. If you love spinach, jump up high.If you love pizza, touch the sky.If you love apples, stand up tall.Now say the food you love most of all.Imaginary BallGather in a circle in your open space. Give each of the children an imaginary ball. They will show by their actions what the ball is like and what they can do with it. Tell them:The ball is very light. No, it is very heavy. It is covered in mud. It is very, very big. It is very small. Now it is sticky.If you can get it o  your  ngers, kick it like a soccer ball. Throw it like a softball. Shoot it like a basketball. Throw it like a football. Walk around the circle bouncing it. Bounce the ball back to the story circle and sit down. Hold the ball on your lap until the story begins.Page 15Friends TogetherPantomime things friends do together:You jump rope together.You play catch with a football.You play soccer.You take turns shooting baskets.You play follow the leader.You push little kids in swings.You get on your ponies and ride to thearea.© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.

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