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Apple PickingTalk the children through this apple-picking activity step by step. Have them stand with their hands at their sides. They raise elbows slowly, then stretch arms straightup, with  sts. Gradually, they gently release  sts and stretch  ngers, reaching for apples on the highest branch. Gradually go up on tiptoes. Don’t let toes leave the  oor. Slowly reverse process until everyone is standing gently at rest again.Body ArtistsTell the children to imagine they are artists who can draw with every part of their body. They are going to pretendto paint on the side of the wall a huge picture of children sharing. It’s going to be a beautiful picture of all the things they share, but they only have a short time to paint it. They are going to paint with both hands as well as other body parts. Ask: What might your sharing picture might look like?Next have them begin to paint this picture in the air with one hand. After 15–20 seconds, switch to other ways of painting, using their noses, jaws, one ear, then the other, one shoulder, then the other, one elbow, then the other, stomach, hips, one knee, both knees, one foot, then the other, both feet. This last requires lying on their backs.Then tell them time is running out, and they need to paint with both their hands and their nose, both elbows and jaw, both elbows and knees, both shoulders and hips, nose and knees, jaw and hips, one ear and one foot, one ear and the other foot, both hands and one foot, both hands and the other foot. Finally, the children lie on their backs and paint with both feet, both hands, and their nose. Conclude by asking each child to describe a way of sharing he or she painted.Can You...?Lead the children in pretending they are animals and plants, using movements but not their voices to answer your questions:Can you swim like  sh?Can you  y like a butter y?Can you stretch like a gira e?Can you open slowly like a  ower?Can you slither like a snake?Can you walk like an elephant?Can you jump like kangaroo?Can you pounce like a tiger?Can you grow like a grain of wheat?Can you walk on soft little feet like a kitten and walk to the  area?Christmas StretchReach and touch the stars.Reach higher and touch the moon.Touch your knees, your ankles, your toes.Touch your shoulders, the stars, your toes, your shoulders.Jump to the right. Jump to the left.Twist to the right. Twist to the left.Find the Christmas star high in the sky.Follow the star to our  area.Christmas Stretch 2Give the children time to move and stretch by leading them in this activity. Have them stand in a circle holding hands. They then drop hands and step back three steps. They stretch their arms out at their sides to make sure they do not touch anyone. Now there will be enough room or them to follow your directions without bumping into each other:We are going to get a Christmas tree for our classroom, but  rst we have to pull on our boots, button or zipup our coats, put on warm hats, and pull on mittens. (children pantomime these actions)Now we are going to walk in the snow at the Christmas tree farm until we see the best tree. The snow is very deep. (children walk in place, lifting their knees high)We have found the greenest, fullest tree! Get your ax ready to chop it down. Stand back as it falls so you don’t get hit.Put the tree on your shoulder and carry it. Remember the snow is deep.Now let’s decorate the tree. Stretch up-up-up to put the star on top. Wrap popcorn strings all around the tree. Now hang ornaments. Be sure to stretch up and get some near the top.STRETCHING AND MOVEMENT ACTIVITIES© 2017 P aum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this page for use by parishes, schools, and families that have purchased the P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program.Clap with MeClap with me, one, two, three Clap, clap, clap, just like me. Shake with me, one, two, three, Shake, shake, shake, just like me. Roll with me, one, two, three, Roll, roll, roll, just like me.Snap with me, one two, three, Snap, snap, snap, just like me. Fold with me, one, two, three, Now sit and rest them quietly.Page 14

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