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  A Prayer Service for Good Friday
No Masses are celebrated on Good Friday, but there is a Good Friday service in our churches. At about
3:00 p.m., the hour at which we believe Jesus died, Catholics gather in their churches to remember Jesus’ gift of himself on the Cross. If Jesus had given up his Father’s work, there would never have been a Good Friday. But he loved us too much for that. He accepted his su ering and Death so that we might live forever with him in Heaven.
For the Good Friday service, the celebrants wear red vestments, symbolic of Christ’s shedding of his blood for us. One of the celebrants reads John’s account of Jesus’ Passion (su ering) and Death. Special prayers of intercession follow. Next, one by one, the people adore a cross displayed before the altar, a reminder
of Jesus’ Cross. The service ends with Holy Communion, using hosts consecrated on Holy Thursday and reserved for distribution on Good Friday.
Here’s a family prayer service to pray in your home on Good Friday evening:
Clear your dining table. If you have a plain red tablecloth, it would be appropriate to use it. If not, simply leave the table bare of covering. In the center of the table, place a cross or cruci x and, on each side of it, a lighted candle. Make a copy of the prayer service for each family member. Gather around the table and let the leader begin.
Leader: Today is Good Friday. It may seem strange to call this day good. Jesus died a cruel death on a long ago Friday. So why call it good? Because of Jesus’ unlimited and heroic love for us. By dying on the Cross, Jesus freed us from lasting death and punishment for our sins. He made it possible for us to rise from death and to share with him a life of everlasting happiness.
Think about Jesus’ Cross as we pray these words together:
All: We adore your Cross, O Lord / we praise and glorify your holy Resurrection / for behold, because of the wood of a tree / joy has come to the whole world. (Friday of the Passion of the Lord [Good Friday], Roman Missal, Third Edition).
Leader: Tell me why this Friday is called good.
All: Because through his Cross, Jesus brought joy into the world.
Leader: (The leader picks up the cross from the table, kisses it, and passes it to the nearest family member.) Jesus, we kiss this cross in thanksgiving for the life you have won for us by your Death. (When all have kissed the cross, the leader resturns it to its place on the table.) Let us all make the Sign of the Cross.
All: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
      A Service of
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