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 Catholic Culture Fall 2017
Building Your Family’s Faith Vocabulary
If you play the piano, you know many special words to help you play a piece as the composer intended. For example, when you see the letter p marked on a passage, you know that it stands for the word pianissimo, which means “very soft.” So you play the passage softly. Like music, every other study, work, hobby, or sport has its own vocabulary. There are also words that are special to our Catholic faith. A good faith vocabulary can help you to understand and express religious ideas and to name religious objects.
Below you will  nd de nitions for six faith words and the words that match the de nitions. Be careful; they are scattered among some words that do not match. Your task is to  nd the word for each de nition and write it in the blank space.
  Faith Words to Choose From
    litany Sacramentary Rosary tabernacle
sacristy monstrance theology
amen Lectionary Book of Pslams
    De nitions
1. We use this word often at Mass to end the prayers that the priest o ers in our name. For example, we
say it after the Collect, or Opening Prayer, and the Prayer over the O erings. At the end of the Eucharistic Prayer, we actually sing the word together. We say it individually as we receive Holy Communion, when the Eucharistic Minister says“Body of Christ.”The word can mean“truly,”“I (we) agree,”“I (we) believe.”
This faith word is   .
2. This kind of prayer can be sung or spoken. Someone leads the prayer, calling on heavenly persons for help and blessings—Jesus, Mary, or all the saints. And we respond with “Pray for us.” Some versions of the prayer call on Saint Joseph, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Holy Name of Jesus, the Precious Blood of Jesus, and the Blessed Virgin. The one dedicated to Mary is the most popular.
This faith word is   .
       A Service of
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