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      Feasts of the Season Holiday Season 2017
                                           November 1
Remembering the Dead
All Saints’ Day
November 2
On November 1, the Church honors all the holy people—known and unknown—who enjoy the full presence of God in Heaven. They include martyrs, canonized saints, and people who have churches named for them, as well as quiet, humble people who loved God and their neighbor and did what good they could during their life on Earth. Some of these saints are probably friends of yours or members of your family, but they have lots of company. In the Book of Revelation (7:9), Saint John tells us that there is
a great multitude of saints in Heaven and that they come from every nation and race on Earth. This day, a holy day of obligation, was once called the feast of All Hallows (or holy ones). The night before was the Eve of All Hallows, now called Halloween.
All Souls’ Day
On this day, we remember and pray for the saints in waiting. These are people who must undergo some puri cation before they are ready to share in the presence
of God. In 2 Maccabees 12:44–45, we learn that we can help them get to Heaven more quickly by praying for them. Some souls have no one to pray for them. That’s why some people pray especially for these abandoned souls. Others like to pray for the soul closest to achieving Heaven. They enjoy feeling that they have helped to give someone the greatest gift possible: the full presence of God.
       A Service of
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