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While Christians are preparing to celebrate Christmas, our Jewish friends and neighbors will be getting ready for the eight-day Festival of Lights. This festival, called Hanukkah, begins at sunset on December 12 this year and ends at nightfall on December 20.
Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple in 165 B.C., after it had been desecrated by the conquering Greeks and Syrians. These invaders o ered sacri ces to the Greek gods on the altar of the God of Israel. When the Hebrews recaptured the Temple, they had to cleanse it and rededicate it to God.
They also had to light the eternal  ame that burned in the Temple. They found only one jar of oil that was pure enough fuel for the eternal  ame. They used this oil and, instead of burning for only one day, it burned for eight—enough time to process new olive oil that would be pure enough for the Temple. This is the miracle that Hanukkah celebrates, along with the defeat of the Syrian army and the return of the Temple to the worship of God.
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The Hanukkah celebration includes the lighting of the menorah every night for eight nights to commemorate the eight-day miracle. The menorah used on Hanukkah
is a nine-branched candlestick. One candle is used to light a new candle each day
as the festival progresses. Festivities also include special foods shared with family and friends, gifts, and a children’s game played with a four-sided top called a dreidel (DRAYD-ul).
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