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Family Prayer Holiday Season 2017
Litany of the Saints: A Prayer Service for All Saints’ Day
November 1
In a Litany of the Saints, we ask the saints to present our requests to God. Because the saints are God’s special friends, we believe God will listen and look with favor on what they ask.
Ask participants to choose four or  ve saints they want to mention during the litany. Their choices could include anyone they believe enjoys the full presence of God: canonized saints they admire (maybe the saint after whom they are named), family members who lived especially good lives, friends and neighbors who were models of Christian virtue. Participants might need to do a little research so that they can provide information about the saints they mention. Here are some examples:
Saint Joseph, who worked hard to support Jesus and Mary... All: Pray for us.
Saint Catherine of Siena, who advised popes and was named a Doctor of the Church... All: Pray for us.
Our grandmother, Mary Agnes, who volunteered countless hours at the soup kitchen... All: Pray for us.
Mr. Dooley, who ran the Saint Vincent de Paul Society in our parish for 15 years... All: Pray for us.
Our little brother Jake, who was taken from us when he was only three months old... All: Pray for us.
Saint Thomas, who doubted at  rst but then believed and went out to spread the message of Jesus... All: Pray for us.
       A Service of
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