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3. Jesus’ list of things to be and to do to be happy, or blessed, members of his kingdom. There are eight requirements in all. You will  nd them listed in Matthew 5:3–10, but they are summarized for you here.
To be truly blessed and happy,
1. Be poor in spirit––understand and acknowledge that we need God more than anything. 2. Turn to God for consolation and hope when we are troubled and su ering.
3. Be gentle and kind rather than bad tempered and resentful.
4. Seek what is right and fair.
5. Be merciful and forgiving as God is merciful and forgiving.
6. Be pure of heart, without any meanness or hatred.
7. Be peacemakers rather than troublemakers.
8. Choose what is right and good even if others criticize you or treat you badly.
This faith word is   .
4. A title and a feast for Our Lady. It proclaims that from the moment of her conception in her mother’s womb, Mary was free from the stain of sin. Sometimes people think that this title refers to Jesus’ conception in Mary’s womb. While it is true that Jesus was sinless, this title refers strictly to Mary.
The feast that celebrates Mary’s perfection takes place on December 8 (a holy day of obligation). Nine months later—on September 8—we celebrate Mary’s birthday (not a holy day of obligation). The same timing happens with the Annunciation of the Lord on March 25—the celebration of Jesus’ conception in Mary’s womb—and then the celebration of his birth, nine months later, on December 25.
This faith word is   .
5. A kind of letter. This type of letter is di erent from the private letters people write to each other. It is not intended for the eyes of only one person or even a few people. This letter is meant to be read to a whole community. Every Sunday, we receive such a letter, most often from Saint Paul or a follower of Saint Paul writing in his name. Sometimes we also hear from Saint James, or Saint Peter, or Saint John. In all these letters, the writers o er us good advice and information or explain an important Christian teaching.
This faith word is   .
6. The coming of God to us in the  esh and blood of Jesus Christ, who is both truly human and truly God. The word itself literally means “in the  esh.” Jesus is God in the  esh. We celebrate his coming on Christmas, December 25.
This faith word is   .
       A Service of
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