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 Catholic Culture Holiday Season 2017
Building Your Family’s Faith Vocabulary
Every study, work, profession, hobby, or special pursuit has its own vocabulary. Our Christian faith has many special words that are important for us to know. A good faith vocabulary enables us to understand and express religious ideas and to name religious objects.
Below are six de nitions and the words that match the de nitions. Your task is to  nd the word for each de nition and write it in the blank space. Be careful. They are scattered among faith words that are not used.
  Faith Words to Choose From
Epistle Eucharistic Prayer
Incarnation Creed Beatitudes
Immaculate Conception Epiclesis Communion
    De nitions
1. A kind of prayer that we pray to a rm our Christian faith. There are several di erent prayers of this kind. One is named in honor of the Apostles because it sums up their basic teachings about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit—the teachings they received from Jesus. Because it is one of the basic prayers of our faith, you probably learned it by heart in Catholic school or your parish religious education program.
We pray a prayer of this kind to a rm our faith during the Mass. Many parishes use a longer, more detailed summary of the teachings of the Apostles. This prayer is named after Nicaea, a city in Asia Minor (present- day Turkey). During the fourth century, Church leaders met there and composed the prayer. A form of the word Nicaea is part of the prayer’s title.
These two prayers are very important. Think carefully about the words as you pray them.
This faith word is   .
2. We use this word to name the fellowship or union Jesus creates when he gives his Body and Blood to us in the Eucharist. He unites himself with us and unites us with one another, empowering us to spread the Good News of God’s love by loving God and loving one another.
This faith word is   .
       A Service of
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