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 Catholic Culture Spring 2018
Building Your Family’s Faith Vocabulary
Our Christian faith has many special words that are important for us to know. A good faith vocabulary enables us to understand and express religious ideas and to name religious objects and persons.
You will  nd six de nitions and the words that match the de nitions below. Find the word for each de nition and write it in the blank space. Be careful, the answers are scattered among faith words that do not match.
  Faith Words
    Trinity Sunday basilica Deuteronomy
cathedral Viaticum Pentecost
Triduum Chrism balm
Liturgy of the Word Preparation of the Gifts Genesis
    De nitions
1. The  rst book of the Bible. Its name means “beginning,” and it tells the stories of the very beginnings of our faith—God’s Creation of the world, Adam and Eve, the great  ood, and God’s promises to Noah and Abraham. It takes us through the time of Abraham’s son Isaac, his grandson Jacob, and his great-grandson Joseph.
This faith words is .
2. The o cial church of the bishop in each diocese. The bishop’s chair (cathedra in Latin), a symbol of his power and authority to teach the faithful of his diocese, is located in this church. Special liturgical events in the diocese are celebrated in this church—the ordination of priests, for example. (Only a bishop has the power and authority to ordain.)
Hint: The name for this kind of church comes from the Latin word for the bishop’s chair.
This faith word is .
         A Service of
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