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Building Your Family’s Faith Vocabulary
Our Christian faith has many special words that are important for us to know. A good faith vocabulary enables us to understand and express religious ideas and to name religious objects and persons.
Below are six definitions and the words that match the definitions. Find the word for each definition and write it in the blank space. Be careful. The faith words you are looking for are scattered among faith words that do not match.
  Faith Words
acolyte Great Amen
absolution thurifer censer
Apocalypse Responsorial Psalm Acts of the Apostles
catechumen tonsure aspergillum
    De nitions
1. A song we sing at every Mass. A cantor (song leader) sings the verses, and we respond by singing the refrain. The words of the song come from a collection of 150 songs in the Old Testament. Each Sunday, we sing the words of a di erent song. The song is sung right after the lector (reader) proclaims the First Reading (usually from the Old Testament). We direct our song to God—praising God, thanking God, or asking God’s help or forgiveness. Hint: There are two words that name this song.
These two faith words are .
2. The Greek name for the last book of the New Testament. It means “revelation.” Saint John usually
gets the credit for writing this book, but modern scholars are doubtful about John being the author. Whoever wrote this inspired book has written a powerful story about the final triumph of Jesus Christ over evil. It reads like a piece of modern fiction and is full of symbols—for example, strange beasts that stand for the forces of evil. Knowing the meaning of each symbol is important to understanding this book of the Bible.
This faith word is .
          A Service of
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