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  Did You Know?
Saint Patrick (March 17), a great saint of Ireland, may actually have been born in Scotland, England, or Wales. Born between a.d. 385 and 390, he was a teenager when he was kidnapped from his family’s estate and taken to Ireland as a slave.
The reason for the custom of asking for Saint Joseph’s help in selling or buying real estate is not known for certain. Since he was a carpenter who built things for homes and probably did house repairs as well, Saint Joseph (March 19) knew a lot about the houses of  rst-century Galilee and probably is still interested in good housing today.
The Gospel of Mark (April 25), which people call the Second Gospel, was actually written  rst. Both Saint Matthew and Saint Luke used Mark’s Gospel as a source.
Saint Rita of Cascia (May 22) is honored, like Saint Jude, as a saint of hopeless causes—La Santa de los Impossibles. Maybe it’s because she su ered for 18 years as the wife of a cruel bully. After his death, she had a di cult time  nding an order of sisters who would allow her to realize her lifelong dream of becoming a nun. She was  nally admitted to the Augustinian convent in Cascia.
Saint Philip Neri (May 26) sometimes became lost in adoration as he celebrated Mass. As a result, his Masses could last as long as two hours.
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