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 Saints of the Season Spring 2018
Saint Joseph (1st Century) March 19
Saint Joseph is sometimes called “the man of dreams.” That’s because, in the Gospel of Matthew, Joseph receives messages from God in four dreams. When Mary is found to be pregnant, an angel tells Joseph in a dream that her pregnancy has been accomplished through the power of God and that he should take Mary into his house as his wife.
Later, after Jesus’ birth, when King Herod resolves to kill Jesus,
an angel tells Joseph in another dream to take Mary and Jesus to the land of Egypt. After King Herod dies, Joseph again receives a message in a dream. This time he is told to return to Israel. Back in Israel, however, Joseph discovers that the son of King Herod
is now on the throne. In his sleep, Joseph is warned to  ee once again, this time to Nazareth in the north, where the new king will be unable to harm Jesus.
Because God chose Joseph to be the protector of Jesus and Mary, he is known today as the protector of the universal Church. The Gospels tell us very little more about Saint Joseph’s life. We know from the Gospel
of Luke that Joseph was still alive when Jesus was 12. That was when Jesus stayed behind at the Temple in Jerusalem, and Joseph and Mary retraced their steps to  nd him and take him back to Nazareth with them. Most scholars agree that Joseph died before Jesus began his public life. Since Joseph probably died with both Jesus and Mary by his side, he is known today as the patron of a happy death.
Because of his work as a carpenter, Saint Joseph is also known as the patron of carpenters. And in more recent years, he has become the patron of successful real estate transactions. He may have earned this title because of the story of Saint Andre Bessette, a Holy Cross brother. Brother Andre buried medals of Saint Joseph on Mount Royal (in Montreal, Canada) in an e ort to acquire the site for a huge basilica that would honor Saint Joseph. Perhaps that was also the beginning of the practice of burying an image of Saint Joseph to sell a property.
Saint Joseph has a second feast day—May 1, the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. Pope Pius XII established this feast in 1955 to give Christian meaning to May Day, when European Communists traditionally celebrated workers’ movements.
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