Share, Care, Prepare

Author: Nicholle Check ~ February 20, 2018


Even the youngest children can understand that Lent invites us to share, care, and prepare. Each of us is called to share what we have, care for others, and prepare ourselves for Easter through prayer and meaningful sacrifices.

Children may think that because they don’t have their own money, they don’t have anything to share. In the What Jesus Asks Us to Do in Lent activity, Promise children (Kindergarten–Grade 1) will consider other things they might share with others.

In the What Is Lent All About? activity, Good News children (Grades 2–3) will solve rebus puzzles to discover the three things Lent calls them to do. Then, they will look at a list of loving actions and decide which of the three duties—prayer, share, or penance—each one fulfills.


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