Happy New (Church) Year!

Author: Nicholle Check ~ November 21, 2017


The First Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of a new Liturgical season in the Church and the start of a new Liturgical Year. This week, Catholics move to Cycle B, in which we shift our focus to the Gospel of Mark, the first Gospel writer. Pflaum offers several free resources to teach the seasons of the Church year, particularly Advent.

The Seasons of the Church Year activity sheet will help Venture children understand the general cycle of a Liturgical Year. It also explains the significance of the liturgical colors. The more children recognize the changes in liturgical color, the more they will feel part of the liturgy.

Preparing for Christmas explains some of the history of Advent and Christmas. For example, did you know that Advent used to be almost twice as long? Or, that the Church did not always celebrate Christmas?


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